Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Start of Something New

Well, if you haven't already heard,


Another day I'll share the whole story of Derek and I dating for those of you who haven't been around for all of it, but here's the proposal that everyone is dying to hear. :)

First a little background.

Derek and I have been "officially dating" for 5 months, although our first date was 8 months ago, back in October 2010.

Yes, we have been talking about getting engaged.

Yes I knew it was getting somewhat close, (like within a month close)

No, I did not have any idea he was going to propose today.

He had been telling me contradicting stories for weeks so I was pretty confused as to how close we might actually be.

A week ago I didn't even know he had a ring.

At one point he told me he would propose in less than 5 days, then 10 minutes later said within 3 weeks.

As of last night I thought it was going to be next weekend at the VERY soonest, there was no way it could happen before then.

Nope, it was today. :)

We had been planning on going fishing this morning all week, nothing too extraordinary, we had been fishing plenty of times before.

So I got up early and got ready to go.

(You shoud know that I am not a huge morning person and ALMOST just slept in and went with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup on)

But there was construction going on outside so I couldn't really sleep any longer any ways.


We took off to Newcastle Reservoir, the first place we ever went fishing together and set off in his little boat.

It was a beautiful morning, perfect weather, the lake was fairly calm and he had our favorite country playlist playing in the boat on his iPod.

My first heads up should have been when we had only been out a little while, I asked to look through his tacklebox and he said no and snpped the clips shut.

No biggie though, as everyone knows, I am in competition for the worlds biggest klutz, and figured he just didn't want me dumping it on accident.

The second clue should have been when he kept asking the time every 5 minutes and when he told me that we probably would have much luck after 11:00 but we were still on the lake at 11:25. :)

The one that I keep smacking myself about is when he told me he was going to put a special bait on my hook and that it was a family secret and I couldn't look. So I turned around and totally spaced out.

Everyone knows I am easily distracted, and the way the wind was blowing, when I turned around it looked like we were moving even though we were securely anchored.

I was thrilled.

It looked so cool.

By the time I remembered Derek had my fishing pole it was already cast out and he was setting the line.

He played with it for a second then stuck it in my pole holder on the side of the boat.

Now here you have to understand that Derek is a patient fisheman. He will cast a line and wait for quite a while before reeling it in and trying again. Well within 2 minutes of casting my line he told me "Well it should have caught something by now, go ahead and reel it in."

That should have been the kicker, but oh no, I was still oblivious, thinking about how my favorite song (unofficially "our song") "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" by Thompson Square had just come on on his iPod.

I was just singing along in my head,

I reeled in my line, and tied to the end was...... a ring!

My first thought was somthing like "huh?oh.oh.oh.wait.he,oh,and,OHMYGOSH!!!!"


I finally turned around to look at him, he was as close to being on his knee as he could in the boat, and his first words:

"Its not the real one, this is."

He's smart and tied a fake ring to the line. Thank goodness.

After that it happened really fast.

He just said "Megan, will you marry me?"

(I found out later there was some other really cute things he wanted to say, that probably would have made me cry, but he was too excited and nervous to do anything but pop the question. :) FYI I think its way cute he couldn't get out his little speech.)

I said, (more whispered really) "Yes, of course"

and we kissed VERY carefully to avoid tipping over the boat. ;)

(We had a real hug later, on solid ground. ) :)

The funny part?

I didn't get to wear my ring in the boat. He took it back because I really am a klutz, as was implied earlier with the tackle box, and the ring really was better off with him.

Don't worry, he gave it back as soon as we were back on shore.

He just loves me enough to be honest that he didn't trust it on my finger, on the lake.

We spent the rest of the day with his family and playing paintball,

(again with my beautiful ring safely in its box, put away in the truck where I couldn't hurt it.)

YAY! It took a while for it to really sink in, It didn't really hit me til hours and hours later that I AM ENGAGED. I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!! :)

But now that its sinking in, oh boy am I excited. :)


Michele Yancey said...

love love love it! I am so happy happy happy for you! Wow, best day of the week, for sure.

beth said...

Congratulations Megan!